A short story about the struggles of a hot girl

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“Being pretty has its perks,” I say to my friends as we step out of the club.

The reason I made that statement was due to the fact that we sat down in the VIP lounge without paying anything and all our drinks were paid for. All because the owner of the club had set his eyes on me.

At first, I didn’t know who the mysterious person was until we were about to leave. A guy, who I deduced to have been in his early 30s approached me.

He introduced himself as Carlos (I am so sure that was…

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Sometimes we make the mistake of focusing on those that don’t care about us

The focus on them is too much that we fail to see those that do care.

The ones that love being around you.

The ones who would stop whatever they are doing to be around you

To talk to you

To hear you laugh

Surrounding yourself with those that love you and you love helps you heal

It helps you know that you are not alone

You are not unlovable

It helps to know that your feelings are being reciprocated.


Photo by Alex Green from Pexels
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

What hurts is not that you don't love me back.
What hurts me more than anything is that I love you regardless.
What hurts is that I'll keep loving you.
And I can't stop.

I want to know that you care.
I want to know that you see me.
I want to know that you know how I feel about you.
Right now I'm vulnerable.
Handle me with care.
Because one word from you can break me.

Unrequited love
That's what they call it
I don't care anymore.
I just want to be free.
Free from this feeling.
But it seems…

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See you there” Dayo said and hung up the phone

Ife bit her lip and jumped around her apartment like a child who just got a new toy.

She reached for her phone which was on the centre table of her sitting room and dialled a number.

“Hello?” a tiny voice answered.

“Don’t tell me you were sleeping” Ife said, sounding a bit irritated yet still excited that Ginika picked up the phone

“Don’t use that tone on me o, you are not the one planning a wedding and going through stress” Ginika said.

“Whatever, you are not the first…

Prank gone wrong

Photo by Nsey Benajah on Unsplash

“Let’s do something fun” I said grabbing the phone from the tabletop.

My sister, Kanyinsola who was laying down on the bed next to me and staring at the ceiling turned sideways, her head resting on her arm.

“What do you have in mind?” She asked, her eyes large with excitement.

I stroked my chin pretending to think about what we could do when I already had a good idea. At least, I hoped it was good.

I snapped my fingers “I know. Let’s call Mrs Bode next door”.

My sister frowned “Call Mrs Bode? What for…

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Cynthia couldn’t wait to get to her favourite spot at the library. The one right close to the Sydney Sheldon shelf. She quickened her pace as she made her way to the librarian’s desk.

Ekaro o” Cynthia greeted Mrs Bode who sat behind a desk and was reading a newspaper. She and Mrs Bode had come to an understanding, probably because Cynthia visits the library every single day and Cynthia had come to love the petit woman with grey natural hair that she always had in cornrows and her eyeglasses that Cynthia loved to make fun of in her head…

Maybe the night won’t go as she planned

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“Hello, Neighbor.”

I didn’t need to turn round to know who had called out to me. There was only one person that had an annoying husky voice. Only one person would call out to me while I was taking out the trash. He was the only neighbour on my street that derived joy from getting on my nerves.

Bankole Davis.

I rolled my eyes as I headed back to my apartment.

“Are you going to ignore my greetings? That’s not very nice of you,” he said.

Bankole moved into the house next to mine a year ago and he has…

Dear Diary, I killed someone today

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Dear Diary,

I know that the last time I wrote to you, I said I wasn’t going to kill again but you have to hear me out first. This one is definitely justified.

One thing you should understand is that I am not purposely trying to kill people. I don’t even want to do it. They are asking for it. I feel that if I ever get caught, the judge would understand. He or she would understand that some people don’t deserve to live and that’s the plain truth. …

When a body shows up at her house, it’s up to her to figure out how to get rid of it.

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“Don’t just stand there Nungtso, do something” Tope said as he dragged the dead body towards the living room.

I stood there with my mouth and eyes wide open. I couldn’t bring myself to move. All I could do was stare at Tope as he grunted while dragging the body.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

This was not the plan.

All our years and months of doing this, nothing like this had ever happened. It was supposed to be successful.

Before I let you know what is happening, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Nungtso and…

A normal visit to her favorite spot turns into an interesting encounter for Nancy

Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

Car. Woman shouting at a child. Children crossing the road. Couple hugging. Nancy rolled her eyes as she watched the couple rest in each other’s arms with smiles of satisfaction on their face.

“I give them at least one year to break up,” Nancy thought as she popped puff-puff into her mouth and munched.

Cleaning her hand with a serviette, she looked through the window again and saw a driver cursing another driver out. She looked closer and noticed that one of the cars had collided and smashed the back of the other car

“Fight, fight, fight,” she whispered to…

Opemipo Omosa

I write fiction books with fun heroines. I also enjoy reading books and writing little musings in my head. Email:elizabethomosa5@gmail.com

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